How to catch Petilil in Pokémon Go

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Image via Niantic

Petilil is making its Pokémon Go debut during the Pokémon Go fourth-anniversary challenges that will be happening throughout July. These challenges lead to the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 virtual event that everyone who purchases a ticket can attend to spend a weekend in the comfort of their home engaging in Pokémon Go activities to celebrate the game. The third week of fourth-anniversary challenges start on July 17 at 8 am in your local time, and that’s when Petilil becomes available.

Petilil is a Grass-type Pokémon. You will only be able to capture it when the weather is sunny, and while the sun might shining in your area, the same must be valid in your Pokémon Go application. You can check if it is by the small icon at the very top right of your screen while in-game. Click on it, and it should tell you what type of weather is happening, Pokémon Go. If it’s sunny, you will have a high chance of a Petilil spawning in your area following July 17. Petilil is also available to hatch in 5-kilometer eggs.

In Pokémon games, Petilil would evolve into a Lilligant if you had it hold a Sun Stone, but those are not available in the mobile game. You will likely need an Unova stone to turn it into a Lilligant. You can acquire these by completing research tasks, spinning PokéStops, or completing a seventh-day Field Research task.

You can also catch a flying Pikachu during the first week of fourth-anniversary challenges and a Summer Style Pikachu during the third week alongside Petilil’s debut. Ducklett will make its debut to Pokémon Go starting on July 3.