How to change the time of day in Hogwarts Legacy

Do you like it when it’s light out or it’s dark?

Image via Avalanche Software

As you play through Hogwarts Legacy, there are multiple areas for you to explore as you progress through the game. These locations give you a fresh viewpoint, and you might spend more time outside than inside the castle studying. While playing, the time of day for Hogwarts Legacy slowly begins to change, and there are certain activities you can only do during the day and some you can only do at night. Here’s what you need to know about how to change the time of day in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to make it day or night in Hogwarts Legacy

You will need to visit the Map while playing Hogwarts Legacy and find the option that reads “Wait” on the bottom left of your screen. It should be associated with a button, depending on how you play the game. For example, we’re playing on a PlayStation 5, so while on the Map screen, we have to hold down the R3 button on our controller and confirm if we want to change the time of day. This swaps it from night to day or day to night, depending on what it is in your game.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

This is important to do for multiple quests in Hogwarts Legacy. For example, the Ghost of our Love side quest is one you can do if it’s nighttime. If you try to do it during the game, the quest won’t properly trigger, preventing you from completing it and reaching the quest’s end. Plus, if you’re looking to take screenshots of your time exploring the game and soaring in the air, you might want to switch the time of day to get the perfect lighting for your pictures.

Changing from day to night only takes a few seconds. You can do this while exploring and playing Hogwarts Legacy on your own.