How to change audio language in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Which language do you prefer?

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest game in the Xenoblade franchise. This game allows you to take up the role of six individuals as they try to not only save themselves but the world in which they live. The story of this game is a long one that you might not want to read subtitles the whole way through. For this reason, you may want to change the audio language. Which language you prefer to experience the story in is up to you.

What audio languages are supported in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Like most AAA JRPGs, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is able to be enjoyed in both English and Japanese. This includes both sub and dub for the languages. This way, if you prefer to listen to the game in Japanese but don’t fully understand the language, you can turn on English subtitles to understand the story.

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How to change the audio language

If you are looking to change the audio language of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you will want to make your way to the menu. This can be done by selecting “options” from the title screen. If you are already in the game, you can access the menu by pressing the X button.

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If you access the menu from the title screen, you will see the audio option as the second from the top. Select the audio option from there and you will see the toggle for English and Japanese audio at the top of the menu. If you access the menu from in the game, you will need to go through a few more steps. After accessing the menu, select “system” and then select “options.” This will bring you to the menu where you can find the audio option to change the preferred language.