How to change Discord sounds – How to make custom notification sounds and more

Discord notifications get annoying fast — let’s change it.

Image via Discord

Does the Discord notification sound get on your nerves? Maybe you’d like to switch it up? That is actually more possible than you might think, although only for Windows and Android devices — Mac or iOS devices are unfortunately out of luck.

There isn’t an “official” list of notification sounds to choose from when you start using Discord, but there is still a way to change them. This might be a bit more challenging than you think but is accomplishable. Continue reading to learn how to change the Discord notification sound.

How to change Discord notification sound on PC

If you are using the Discord app on a Windows PC, then you can change your Discord notification sounds, but only if you are using the desktop application. Discord is customizable enough for us to edit the sounds even if it doesn’t have a premade setting for it.

The first step will be to go through the app flies and with a plugin called BetterDiscord. Through files, you can change the notifications sound by editing the configuration files that the app saves to your PC by itself.

Follow the steps below to change the Discord sounds in the files:

  • Download the sounds you want to use for Discord.
  • Now press the Windows button + R on the keyboard.
  • Type the following: ‘%appdate%’ and click OK.
  • Open the folder that comes up. (It will most likely be under C:/Use/USername/Appdata/Roaming.)
  • After that go to the Discord app and open the Cache folder.
  • The sound files are listed with ‘F_prefix’ and you’ll need to add a .mp3 or .wav extension on each file in order to check which effects each plays.
  • Now, to replace the Discord sounds with a custom one, rename the new sound file to a name to match Discord’s so everything stays organized and works.
  • Then, copy the sounds downloaded and rewrite them into /Appdata/Roaming/Discord/Cache.

If you run into any problems like crashing or other issues, delete and reinstall the app.

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However, it is normal to feel anxious about messing with Discord’s app files, and if you don’t want to, you can use BetterDiscord which is a client mode you can download and you can modify the appearance and functionality of the app. You can use the mode to customize simply by opening up custom plugins.

Changing Discord sounds with BetterDiscord

  • Download and install BetterDiscord on your PC. Once you download it and it completes, BetterDiscord will replace the official Discord app, so don’t be worried you did something wrong.
  • Open the app and click on Settings.
  • Under BetterDiscord, click Plugins and open an empty Plugins folder.
  • Download the Notification Plugin from the website that you like.
  • Now once the Plugin has been downloaded, drag it over to the empty Plugins folder you made.
  • Go to Discord Plugins Settings again and turn on the Notification Sound option and you are set.

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How to change the Discord sounds on mobile (Android)

There are two different ways to change the phone’s Discord notification sounds either by the phone’s notification settings or directly from the Discord mobile app.

  • Open the Settings menu on your mobile phone.
  • Hit App and click App management.
  • Select the Discord app.
  • Click Manage Notifications and hit the Allow button.
  • Now find the Call option, or you can select Direct Messages, Messages, Event Live, or other things you might want to change for the app and its sound notifications.
  • After opening this, you can pick a sound from the list.

If you’d like to change the sound within Discord on your Android phone, here’s how:

  • Open Discord.
  • Hit your Profile and open the User Settings menu.
  • Go under the app settings, pick ‘Notification,’ and hit ‘Tweak Notification settings.’
  • Here you can pick the Discord sounds you want to change and pick the alert tone you like.