How to change Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile

Rule over the enemies with Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Image via Call of Duty: Mobile

Scorestreaks are the tools in Call of Duty: Mobile that help players to get an extra advantage in a match. These scorestreak rewards give out the enemies’ position, attack enemies by helicopter, amongst other functions. From the beginning, three scorestreaks are already unlocked while the rest are rewarded to players upon reaching certain levels. You can take a total of three scorestreaks to match, and once you reach the required number of points, a scorestreak reward will be unlocked.

Here is how you can change scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Image via Call of Duty: Mobile
  1. Open Call of Duty: Mobile on your device and go to the Multiplayer section present on the main screen’s right side.
  2. Now, click on the Scorestreaks button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the scorestreak that you want to select and click on the equip button to finalize it before starting the match.

Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile

There are a total of 15 scorestreaks available in the game. Here is the complete list of scorestreak rewards, along with the points required to unlock them.

  • UAV: 400 Points
  • Hunter Killer Drone: 500 Points
  • Predator Missile: 700 Points
  • Shield Turret: 300 Points
  • XS1 Goliath: 900 Points
  • Advanced UAV: 1400 Points
  • Care Package: 550 Points
  • Counter-UAV: 600 Points
  • SAM Turret: 850 Points
  • Sentry Gun: 800 Points
  • MQ-27 Dragonfire: 750 Points
  • Stealth Chopper: 1000 Points
  • Shock RC: 450 Points
  • Cluster Strike: 950 Points
  • VTOL: 1600 Points