How to claim dailies in Tower of Fantasy

The game seems to say, “Please keep coming back to me.”

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It is common for live service games to include some kind of daily rewards system. This can keep players coming back each and every day to play the game at least for a little bit and earn rewards. However, after playing Tower of Fantasy for a while, you might be wondering where its daily reward system is. There are a couple of daily systems within the game, but the one we are focusing on here is the daily rewards you can get just for signing into the game. Here is how you can claim and get your Daily Rewards in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to claim your Daily Rewards in Tower of Fantasy

To get your Daily Rewards, you need to click the rewards box icon in the top right corner of your screen. Go to the sign-in section to claim your reward for that day. Items you get here include meals, various materials for weapons, upgrading resources, weapon augment kits, Dark Crystals, Black Nucleus, and SSR Relic Shards.

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You do not need to sign in seven days in a row to get all of these items. You get them from signing in and claiming them at any point. Once you claim the seventh reward, the line of rewards will restart. You can claim the next reward after 5 AM Eastern Time each day.

The last daily reward you should always look out for is the Daily Supply Box. To get this, enter the in-game shop and go to Daily Supply Box. Here, you can get a free supply item each day.

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Additionally, there are also Daily Bounties that you can take advantage of. These mini-missions are quick to complete, mostly defeating certain enemies or gathering resources. You can find these in the Recommended section of the Adventures page.