How to clone and dupe Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Version 1.1.2

Double your Pokémon while you can.

Image via Nintendo

For as long as there have been Pokémon games, there’s been cloning and duplication glitches. Nowadays, these glitches can be patched by the developer, as was the case with an earlier clone and duplication glitch in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Another cloning and duplication glitch has been found in the latest update for BDSP, though it’s complicated to take advantage of without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

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The method for this glitch comes courtesy of YouTuber Blaines. First, be aware that getting the timing of this glitch wrong can result in your game freezing. Make sure to save your game before you attempt this to prevent yourself from losing progress. Because this glitch relies on sound cues, it’s helpful to have a pair of headphones. It’s also worth noting that you’ll need access to the Fly HM in order to pull off this glitch. Have all the Pokémon you want to clone grouped in a box together and make sure you have a free box before trying. Here’s everything you need to do:

  1. Stand outside of any Pokémon Center with your Pokétch in the top right corner of your screen on the HM function.
  2. Hover the cursor over the Fly HM.
  3. Mash the R+A buttons together repeatedly until the Fly menu stays open.
  4. Your character can now move while the Fly screen is displayed. Press up to go into the Pokémon Center — listen closely to make sure you hear the sound effect of the doors opening.
  5. Press up again, then press right six times to go down the escalator.
  6. Press right again, then press left five times, and then press down two times.
  7. Now you’re outside of the Pokémon Center. Use the right analog stick to select any city that you can fly to.
  8. Press A to fly to a city, wait around a quarter of a second, then hit X. Another menu will pop up while over the fly menu. Press A again to fly to the destination you selected. Note: getting the timing of this wrong can result in the game freezing.
  9. Once in a new city, go into any house. Make sure you’re away from any NPCs. Use the right analog stick to navigate the menu and select the Pokémon option.
  10. Press R to go into your Pokémon boxes. Press A, then press X.
  11. Go back into the Pokémon menu , press R, and go to the box you want to clone.
  12. Hit Y twice to multiselect your entire box. Hit A once they’re all selected to pick them up.
  13. Navigate left or right to an empty Pokémon box and move your selection. Press B twice to exit the extra menus.
  14. Select the “Check Summary” option on a Pokémon, then press B again to exit the menu and complete the process.