How to collect evidence as the rat in the Mafia in BitLife

Turn on the family you’ve worked with.

Image via Candywriters

You’ve chosen to rat out on the Mafia that welcomed you in and tell the police about what they’re doing. Things won’t be easy if you want to report on them, and in BitLife, you need to collect evidence about what they’re doing. You’ll only be able to collect evidence against them when you become the rat, so make sure this is a decision you want to make. If the Mafia family you’re working for discovers you’re the rat, you can expect to find yourself being stuffed into a vat of acid and become soap. But how do you go about collecting the evidence in the first place?

When you’re the rat, you’ll be providing evidence to the police about what members of the Mafia family are doing. To collect evidence, you need to click on the Mafia organization, and pick on any of the family members. You’ll be able to interact with the as you would any other co-worker in a job you’re at, but close to the bottom, there’s an option to snitch on them. Performing the snitch option collects evidence for your case to give to the police, and usually, it’s a small amount.

You can do this for every member of the Mafia family, but you’ll find yourself slowly becoming suspicious amongst its members if you do this. You’re better speaking with and collecting evidence against the lower ranking Mafia members unless you’re a higher up in the organization and have more respect than a standard soldier of the family.

The problem with collecting so much evidence in the family is that you need to speak and interact with them. When you first join the Mafia, almost none of the family wants to interact with you, and by attempting to hang out or converse with them, they usually turn you away. If you do this enough times, the family’s boss will summon you and give you a stern warning. With that in mind, you can see why attempting to reach out and collect evidence against other family members is pretty tough, especially if you’re fairly low in the Mafia. Your best bet is to become a rat when you’re higher up in the Mafia crime family and have established respect.

Once you collect enough evidence, you can bring your information to the police, and they’ll be able to assist you from there. The better you do at this part, the more chances you have of entering the witness protection program, leaving the Mafia family behind for good.