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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Find All Ancient Magic Hotspot Traces Near Brocburrow

There are four Ancient Magic Hotspots for you to find in Brocburrow in Hogwarts Legacy, and this guide reveals them all.

In Hogwarts Legacy, if you want to add bars to your Ancient Magic meter so that you can use more Ancient Magic insta-kills in combat, you need to get yourself to some Ancient Magic Hotspots and find some Ancient Magic traces.

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Discovering all the Ancient Magic traces at an Ancient Magic Hotspot contributes to the ‘Collect Ancient Magic Traces’ exploration Challenge, and each milestone on that challenge rewards you with an additional Ancient Magic meter bar. Here’s what you need to know about where to find all Ancient Magic Hotspots at Brocburrow in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How To Get All Brocburrow Ancient Magic Hotspots in Hogwarts Legacy

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Collecting all of the Ancient Magic traces at a Hotspot isn’t always so easy, though, and one of the trickier Hotspots is near Brocburrow in the Hogwarts Valley region in Hogwarts Legacy. The Brocburrow Ancient Magic Hotspot is in the woods south of the village, close to two Spider Lairs and a Kneazle Den. You’ll have to pass through those Spider Lairs to get all of the Ancient Magic traces.

The first Ancient Magic trace is marked on your mini-map, south of the Kneazle Den, and north of the two Spider Lairs.

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The second Ancient Magic trace is south of the first. You’ll need to use Incendio or Confringo to burn through the giant spider’s web, blocking the way.

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The third Ancient Magic trace is east of the second and is guarded by spiders. Remember that the fire spells Incendio and Confringo are very effective against spiders and that you can use Descendo to bury a spider Matriarch’s head in the ground.

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The fourth Ancient Magic Trace is on the upper floor of a large building north of the third Ancient Magic Trace. Use the crate outside the southwest corner of the building to climb up, then head east along the roof and crouch through the hole in the wall to get the Ancient Magic trace.

These are all of the Ancient Magic Hotspots you can find over by Brocburrow. There are similar Ancient Magic Hotspots in Hogwarts Legacy that you can find throughout your playthrough. I encourage you to go out of your way to find them, increasing your character’s Ancient Magic meter, and making it easier to take out some of the more difficult enemies and challenges awaiting you.

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