How to complete A Glass Darkly in Atomic Heart

Become the man in the mirror.


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A Glass Darkly is a very puzzling quest in Atomic Heart. It requires you to venture into the mechanism behind a mirror lock on a building in order to get inside the exhibition beyond the doors. This guide explains how to complete A Glass Darkly so you don’t get stuck somewhere you’re not supposed to be.

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A Glass Darkly walkthrough

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As you approach the exhibition, you’ll need to trigger a mirror mechanism to open the main door. This requires you to use your glove to pull one of the mirrors out until it locks to the side. The mechanism is broken, though, meaning you must jump into the hole below it to get inside the lock and fix things up.

After you’ve dropped down, you’ll enter a maze of magnet wall puzzles filled with robot prototypes placed in a suggestive manner all over the place. Once you’re through the door, you’ll likely be up against the first magnet wall puzzle you’ve faced in the game. To solve these, you need to traverse the area by using Shok on the ceiling to reverse the polarity of the magnets and create new pathways. As you enter the facility, after the first magnet room puzzle, you’ll see a laser puzzle on the ground. This unlocks the door ahead, so solve it to proceed. See below for a solution to the laser puzzle.

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In this next room, you’ll need to make your way to the left-hand side of the room on a platform to solve another laser puzzle before proceeding. See below for a solution to the puzzle.

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Now that you’ve solved the laser puzzle, the exit to this room will be open. Head on through, and you’ll need to complete yet another magnet puzzle room to proceed. Then, you’ll find a corridor where the robots have placed dolls looking at the next laser puzzle, taunting you.

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This laser puzzle isn’t any more challenging than the others you’ve faced. The whole concept will be getting a bit tiring by this point, though. See below for the solution to this laser puzzle so you can move on.

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As you may have expected, there’s yet another magnet puzzle beyond the door. This one is just like the rest. Use Shok on the ceiling to move the platforms around you. This room has a hidden chest under one of the platforms you’ll use, inside a cage of sorts. It’s always worth looting these so you can craft as many weapons and upgrades as possible.

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After you’ve mastered that final puzzle room, there’s one more laser puzzle to conquer. This one is on the floor next to two very oddly-placed dolls. You can work out what they’re doing all by yourself. The solution to the laser puzzle is above.

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You’ll find the exit just after this laser puzzle, and that takes you back above ground. You can now activate the mirror mechanism and open the door to the exhibition. Head inside to start one of the strangest quests in Atomic Heart.