How to complete an Iron Banner Daily Challenge in Destiny 2

Jump into the Iron Banner matches.

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Iron Banner has returned to Destiny 2, giving players the opportunity to go head-to-head with other Guardians in the game. These heated competitions will give you a chance to bring your favorite weapons into this arena and, upon completing these hefty challenges, provide worthwhile rewards for your time. One thing you’ll need to do while Iron Banner is happening is to complete the Dailly Challenges. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete an Iron Banner Daily Challenge in Destiny 2.

What is an Iron Banner Daily Challenge, and how do you do it in Destiny 2?

The Daily Challenges for Iron Banner are the ones you can complete to earn Pinnacle rewards. You won’t receive them from Lord Saladin, whom you can find in the Tower Courtyard. Instead, you can view your Daily Challenge progress by heading to the main menu for The Crucible playlist and hovering over the Iron Banner sigil on the main screen. You can find it on the right side, where you can see how many matches you need to complete for your Daily Challenge. When you hover over it, it says Weekly.

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You’ll need to complete a series of matches to earn your piece of Pinnacle gear. These matches do not need to be a victory, merely completed. You can do these yourself or party with a few friends to complete a game. You can party with up to six players in your fireteam to jump into the Iron Banner matches, but doing them by yourself on your character is also an option.

You can complete these across all of your characters. After finishing one set, you can work on the next character and meet them again. There are multiple pieces of Pinnacle gear to earn in Iron Banner, so make sure before the final match is finished, you’re wearing your best Light Level gear on your character to receive an upgrade.