How to complete Aranaga’s Memory in Genshin Impact

Get your gardening gloves ready.

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Genshin Impact has many world quests scattered around, and the region of Sumeru is no different, with plenty to do after finishing the main storylines. One of the world quests you can come upon in Sumeru is called Aranaga’s Memory, which you can unlock after completing the final chapter of the Agnlhotra Sutra questline. This guide will help you find and complete the Aranaga’s Memory world quest in Genshin Impact.

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How to do the Aranaga’s Memory world quest in Genshin Impact

To begin the quest, you will first have to find it. That’s not too difficult, so head over to Mawtiyima Forest. The easiest way to find it is by using the forest’s nearby teleport waypoint and heading directly east from there.

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You will come upon an unknown old man in his camp, who is revealed to be Khayyam after talking to him. This is also when he will give you the quest, Aranaga’s Memory. After talking to him and receiving the quest, your first step will be to talk to him again.

After that, he will send you to check on plants in two specific locations, north of the forest. We have marked the two locations on a map so it’s easy to navigate them. You will have to use the investigate interaction on each one for it to count. From there, head over to Khayyam’s new location and talk to him.

Screenshot by Gamepur

He will then ask you to investigate the newly grown plants. After doing that (the same way you did previously), head back to Khayyam’s original camp. There, you will finally get to talk to Aranaga, which completes the quest, rewarding you with 30 Primogem, 32.500 Mora, and 3 Hero’s Wit. With that, if you have also completed the quests Aragaru’s Drawing and Aranaking’s Old Friend, then you can progress to the Memory’s Final Chapter quest.