How to complete Bar Resupply in GTA Online

While drinking and driving is reprehensible, driving the drinks can be quite lucrative.

Image via Rockstar

All purchasable properties in GTA Online that don’t act as a front for much larger heists are instead used by players to operate businesses that can generate passive revenue. The biker clubhouse is no exception to this, as club presidents can open the clubhouse bar to paying guests. In order to keep this business in business, however, the president must keep it stocked with beverages.

Completing a Bar Resupply

Screenshot by Gamepur

While a standard trip to the liquor store might be enough to stock any old bar, the GTA Online protagonist is no stranger to doing the most mundane of tasks above the law. Rather than buy the drinks themself, you must instead track down a shipment of alcohol and steal it for your own purposes.

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When approaching Sindy, the clubhouse bartender, rather than order a drink, you can instead offer to restock the bar. Doing so will boot them out of the clubhouse and spawn a van full of beverages somewhere in San Andreas, marked with a bottle icon on the world map. After driving to this location, you can then commandeer the van and drive it back to the clubhouse.

While there aren’t any armed guards to chase the van down, and there isn’t a strict time limit imposed on your return, the van itself — and more importantly, the cargo within — is incredibly fragile. A few light fender-benders can be enough to break containers and spill their contents, with the mission failing if not enough booze makes it back to the clubhouse intact. You must fight the ever-present primal urge to speed and drive recklessly in GTA if you want to walk away from this caper with a profit.

While not extravagant in its payout, completing a Bar Resupply will immediately net you a quick $10,000. Over time, beverage sales to patrons will add up in your safe in the club’s backroom, amounting to around $40,000 per in-game day, provided that the bar stays properly stocked. If five-digit earnings aren’t enough for the player’s liking, you could challenge yourself with clearing the game’s end-game heists for much larger scores.