How to complete Fetch Quest, Three Ways in Bear and Breakfast

Find the items those humans need.


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Fetch Quest, Three Ways is a quest in Bear and Breakfast you’ll pick up from a very handy beaver while setting up your first property. The quest requires you to find three items to build a kiosk, which will help make the area more attractive to potential guests. This guide explains how to complete the quest and where to find every item it asks for.

How to complete Fetch Quest, Three Ways

There are three parts to Fetch Quest, Three Ways, each relating to an item. We’ve outlined where you find the three items required to complete this quest below.

Where to find a Pen and String in Timber Crossing

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The Pen and String in Timber Crossing are inside Oliver’s cabin. You’ll need to walk past him to the end of the room, where his desk is situated. Interact with it to pick it up before moving on to the next item on the list.

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Where to get an Old Computer from Sawdust

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The Old Computer in Sawdust is located in the abandoned building to the left of the fire watch tower. You should see an indicator for it on your minimap in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Collect it before heading to Hank’s home for the last item on the list.

Where to find the Book on Spelling in the Thicket

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The Book on Spelling in the Thicket is in one of the first locations you visited in the game. Head back to Hank’s house, where his mother is likely hanging up washing, and enter his friends’ room. On the table in the corner, you’ll see a pile of Will’s books. The Book on Spelling is there for you to take.

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Bring all three items back to Timber Crossing, and the kiosk will be completed. This means that you’re one step closer to getting even more visitors in the area, allowing you to earn more Progression Points and do even more busy work around the place. Hopefully, with some better equipment such as the Logger’s Tools.