How to fast travel in Bear and Breakfast

Walking around all day isn’t very restful.


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The game world in Bear and Breakfast is pretty huge, and you can’t do anything but walk around it. At least in the beginning. Moving between areas to collect items and complete quests becomes tiresome very quickly, that is until you unlock fast travel. This guide explains how to fast travel in Bear and Breakfast, so you can get around without spending too much time on your feet.

How to unlock fast travel

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To unlock fast travel, you’ll need to complete the first few quests Bear and Breakfast has to offer. Once you’ve spruced up your first rental property and have built the kiosk with the required items, you can move on to fixing up the bus stop. This doesn’t take much since you’ll have acquired all the resources needed to fix it over the course of the last few quests. Once the bus stop is fixed, speak to Oliver. He’s so pleased that he gives you some bus stop signs and tells you that he’ll give you free rides wherever there’s a bus stop. To unlock more fast travel points, you just need to repair the bus stop in a location.

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How to fast travel

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Once you’ve unlocked fast travel, you can easily move between bus stops across the regions in Bear and Breakfast’s world. There’s just one problem, you have to visit each area and repair its bus stop first. This will unlock the fast travel point for an area, allowing you to fast travel to any other bus stop in the game by interacting with a repaired bus stop.

The only disadvantage of fast travel is that you won’t walk past any of the junk you’d normally see while exploring or moving between areas. This junk is how you purchase items to improve a property’s Prestige and is therefore incredibly useful. You’ll have to find a balance between walking and fast travel to ensure you’ve always got enough resources to progress in a timely manner.