How to get the Logger’s Tools in Bear and Breakfast

You can’t clear the way without the proper equipment.


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The Logger’s Tools is one of the most vital items in Bear and Breakfast that you’ll need for clearing huge piles of wood and general clutter. While the game is happy to tell you that you need this item every time you interact with an object, it’s not forthcoming with how you acquire it. This guide explains how to get the Logger’s Tools, so you can get on with clearing nature out of the way to make room for mankind.

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Where to find the Logger’s Tools in Bear and Breakfast

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The Logger’s Tools are an item you can eventually buy from one of the shops in Bear and Breakfast, or what counts as shops in this game. However, before you can buy them, you need to put in a decent amount of work. You’ll have to complete several early game quests that revolve around setting up your first property, increasing its Prestige, and helping the locals. The last quest to complete before you get to buy the Logger’s Tools is The Bus Stop. This requires you to fix up the bus stop in the first open area where you can build. Before this, though, there are many quests to finish, including delivering letters between two old friends in On The Road.

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After you’ve completed The Bus Stop, Oliver will chat to you about how you can restore more of them around the game’s world to create fast travel points. In addition, he’ll open up his toolbox for you to purchase items from using Progression Points. These are earned by completing quests and generally making your way through the game’s story. At this point, you should only have enough to buy the Logger’s Tools, and we recommend that you do. Now you have them, you can clear major blockages and sort out larger projects that will see you moving around the world and serving more guests much faster.