How to increase your Prestige Level in Bear and Breakfast

Make your bed and breakfast look fancy!

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When you first open up your B&B in Bear and Breakfast, you’ll find out that the guest is appalled at the state of the place. The reason why that is because there’s no decoration. So, if you want your guests to feel comfortable during their stay, you’ll need to have some nice decor to spruce the place up with. To do this, you’ll need to complete some quests and raise your prestige level.

How to start the Home Improvements and I Am the Garbage Man quests

To start the Home Improvements quest, you’ll have to wait until your first guest arrives. After they walk around the place, a speech bubble with a shocked expression will appear above their head. When this happens, talk to Fin who will tell you all about decorations and Prestige Level. He’ll then tell you to get your Prestige to Level two by getting decorations.

Hank will remember that a guy named Took has a garbage container full of decorations. Go east to find Took. Talk to him to start the I Am the Garbage Man Quest. To gain access to Took’s garbage, you need to find him a sandwich.

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How to complete the I Am the Garbage Man quest

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The sandwich is located South right next to a chair that’s beside a bus. Once you have the sandwich, give it to Took to gain access to his shop. Everything in his shop costs Valuables, which is just trash you pick up off the ground. So, you should have plenty of that at this point to buy enough decorations to level up your Prestige Level to two.

It’s important to note that not every decoration in the game will positively affect your Prestige Level. There will be some decor that will negatively impact your score, but these decorations will also come with some benefits as well, such as increasing your B&B’s comfort level. So, it’s important to balance this out with decor that will bring your Prestige Level back up.