How to complete Glint of Hope triumph in Destiny 2 – Beheaded Home emblem

Glint loves Festival of the Lost.

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The Festival of the Lost is a time for you to earn plenty of candy and unlock exclusive Halloween-themed rewards in Destiny 2. This year’s Festival of the Lost will be available from October 12 to November 2. Throughout the event, you’ll also be able to complete the Glint of Hope triumph. If you complete it before the Festival of the Lost wraps up on November 2, you’ll unlock the Beheaded Home emblem. Here’s everything you’ll need to do to complete the Glint of Hope triumph in Destiny 2 to unlock your spooky Beheaded Home emblem.

The only way to complete the Glint of Hope triumph is to grind your way through the Festival of Lost activities. First, you need to obtain Manifested Pages to bring back to the Book of the Forgotten vendor, next to Eva on the tower and unlock lore pieces. You earn Manifested Pages by completing Bounties, Public Events, Crucible or Gambit matches, or Strikes while wearing your Festival of the Lost mask to unlock Spectral Pages. You take those pages with you into the Haunted Lost Sector, defeat the Headless Ones that you summon at the summoning circles, and then beat the boss at the end of the event. The more Spectral Pages you take with you and the more Headless Ones you defeat, the more Manifested Pages you receive.

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Each piece of lore has a Manifested Page requirement. You don’t have to unlock the entire book of lore. Instead, you only need to do half, which consists of 14 lore pages. The first row of lore requires the least amount of Manifested Pages. The initial three only require three Manifested Pages. However, the following seven need you to gather up five Manifested Pages. That’s only 10 pieces of lore from the Book of the Forgotten, though. You still need four more, and the rest of the rows in the book require you to gather up nine Manifested Pages to unlock them.

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In total, you’ll need to obtain at least 80 Manifested Pages. You can expect to work your way through completing various activities in Destiny 2 to earn enough Spectral Pages to take with you into the Haunted Sector. After completing the Glint of Hope triumph, return to Eva to receive your Beheaded Home emblem.

You’ll want to double-check that you’re wearing your mask throughout this event to earn Spectral Pages and plenty of candy along the way. On the plus side, the more Manifested Pages you unlock at the Book of the Forgotten, the better chances you’ll receive a Festival of the Lost weapon after completing a Haunted Sector.