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How to complete The Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy

These keys are a nuisance.

There are plenty of tasks to complete in Hogwarts Legacy, with puzzles and secrets lurking around every corner of the castle. Among the activities, you can partake in are side quests that allow you to help out your fellow students. Nellie is excited that the Daedalian Keys are back. Collecting and getting them into the lock where they belong will help you find a secret treasure in the castle. This guide will show you how to complete The Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to open Daedalian Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

As you walk around the castle grounds, you may come across various locked cabinets without a means of opening them. After completing your first couple of classes, you can interact with Nellie in the courtyard outside the Astronomy Wing to learn about the Daedalian Keys. These are special keys with wings that flutter around the school grounds.

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After talking to Nellie, she will ask you to track one of these keys down. Run to the top of the Astronomy Wing, where the Bell Tower Puzzle can be found, and you will see a Daedalian Key zip past you. Follow this key down the stairs and into the classroom, where it will float in front of a locked cabinet. To start the Daedalian Lock minigame, interact with the cabinet.

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During this minigame, you will need to smack the key at the right time to get it into the lock. The Daedalian Key will sporadically move around the cabinet. When you see it cross in front of the lock, hit the interact button to smack it into the keyhole and open the lock.

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These cabinets each contain a House Token for whichever house you got sorted into. Take the token to Nellie and then bring it to the chest in the common room of your house. The quest progresses from here until you have found all 16 of the House Tokens required to open the chest.

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