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How to complete ‘Mer-ky’ Depths in Hogwarts Legacy

Dive deep into the murky depths.

There are plenty of side quests for you to complete as you progress your way through Hogwarts Legacy. While some of these sidequests may come from the citizens of the surrounding burrows, most of them will come from your fellow classmates. One such quest that you can complete after you have completed the first trial is for Nerida Roberts. She doesn’t know how to swim yet wants nothing more than to collect a gift that the merpeople left her. Be a good friend and retrieve this gift for her. This guide will show you how to complete ‘Mer-ky’ Depths in Hogwarts Legacy.

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‘Mer-ky’ Depths walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you have completed the first of the trials, you can find Nerida at the dock house on the lake around Hogwarts. There is a Floo Flame fast travel point there if you already have the area unlocked. Once there, Nerida can be found sitting on the edge overlooking the water. Talk to her and she will tell you about the gift the merpeople have left her in a place called the Leaky Cave.

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After receiving the quest, jump off the dock and swim toward the cliffs around the castle. You will find a whirlpool-looking area in the water. Interact with the whirlpool and you will dive down into it, appearing in the Leaky Cave when you emerge. To obtain the item for Nerida, you must first solve the puzzle that is on the door in the cave.

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To open the moth door in the cave, you must walk around the cave and use Lumos to attract moths. This is just like how you complete the moth mirrors in the Like Moths to a Frame side quest. Lead each of the moths in the cave to the door and deactivate Lumos to make them land on the door. Once all three moths are in their place on the door, the door will open. With the door open, interact with the chest to obtain the item for Nerida. Bring the item back to her to complete the quest.

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