How to complete New Year, New You Challenge in BitLife

What will the New You be like in 2022?

Image via Niantic

The New Year is about to arrive for 2022, but in BitLife, you can start preparing for it right now. The New Year, New You challenge will have you preparing a brand new identity, giving you plenty of things to look forward to with a brand new year. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to complete the New Year, New You Challenge in BitLife.

These are all of the New Year, New You Challenge tasks.

  • Change your name
  • Go on 3+ different cruises
  • Go on 10+ first class vacations
  • Obtain every license
  • Emigrate to another country

When you want to change your name, head over to the Activities tab and go to the Identity tab. From there, click on the Name Change option, and you can alter your character’s name to whatever you’d like to begin using.

For the cruises, you can find those options underneath the Vacation option. It will be the first choice. You will need to afford to go on at least three of them.

Next, you will need to go on at least 10 first-class vacations throughout your lifetime. Similar to the cruises, your character will need to afford them.

Also, throughout your lifetime, you’ll need to obtain all four of the licenses. This means you need your driver’s, boating, and piloting license. The piloting license will be the most challenging and requires you to attend flight school.

The final task you need to do is emigrate to another country. You can do this anytime when you’re older than 18 from the Emigrate option.

After you wrap that option up, you’ll have completed the New Year, New You Challenge, and you can earn a random appearance item for your BitLife profile.