Orobashi’s Legacy Prologue and Part 1 World quest in Genshin Impact – Pearl and Warding Stone locations

Rain, rain, go away!

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Being wet in Genshin Impact can make some enemies feel pretty impossible to defeat. This means that Yashiori Island is one of the most challenging places in Inazuma because the Tatarigami curse is causing constant rain. Luckily, the rain isn’t permanent. By finishing the Orobashi’s Legacy questline, you can clear the rain away for good.

To start the quest, you must first find a man named Kaji, who can be located just east of Fort Fujitou, near the end of the path parallel to one of the boney segments of Orobashi. Once you talk to him, you will have finished the Prologue and be ready to start Part One.

Part One begins with following Kaji’s instruction to observe the Ward. You will be informed that the Ward is missing the two pieces it needs to be functional: the “Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Pearl” and the “Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Warding Stone.” To obtain these items, you will need to solve the Sacred Stone Puzzle located just behind Kaji’s campsite, and in doing so, will encounter multiple enemies. This puzzle is more time-consuming than complex, so be sure to remain patient while solving it.

The end goal of the puzzle is to get the Sacred Stone Mound to fire its electrical current at the barrier in the center of the puzzle. However, the Sacred Stone Mound cannot fire directly at the barrier, so you must bounce the current off of the Thunderbearer Mirrors present around the puzzle location.

To do this, go to the Sacred Stone Mound and turn it until it fires to the east, at the nearest Thunderbearer mirror. (Note: If you want to check your progress at any point while solving this puzzle, you can use a bow character to shoot the Sacred Stone Mound and watch the path of the electric current).

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Now, go to that mirror, and adjust its elevation down, and have it oriented to face the north-east. This should make it hit the Thunderbearer mirror below, which is next to a berry bush.

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Then, go rotate the berry bush adjacent to Thunderbearer Mirror so that it aims in-between the stones of the ruin, and is level with the horizon.

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Lastly, go to the final Thunderbearer mirror and rotate it to reflect into the Barrier.

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This will trigger a cutscene the next time you shoot an electro current, and that current breaks the barrier and grants you access to both the Rock Pillar Pearl and the Rock Pillar Warding Stone. Take these two parts back to the Ward and submit them. Then, return to Kaji and talk to him to complete Part 1. You can then move on to Orobashi’s Legacy Part 2.