How to complete Solved by the Bell in Hogwarts Legacy

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There are secrets aplenty in Hogwarts Legacy and it is up to you to track them down. Many of the secrets within the world of the game are hidden behind puzzles or side quests. When you combine them together, you have the Solved by the Bell quest. More than just a play on words, this quest has you solving another bell puzzle that isn’t inside Hogwarts. This guide will show you how to complete Solved by the Bell in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to start Solved by the Bell

Like the side quest, Cursed Tomb Treasure, you need to find a map to start the Solved by the Bell quest. This map is located within Henrietta’s Hideaway which can be found in the Manor Cape section of the map. Make your way to the hideaway and enter it through the cliffside beneath the ruins.

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Once inside, you will need to solve the puzzle to open the door to grant you access to the rest of the dungeon. To complete the puzzle, you must place the fire block on the plate in the room and use a fire spell on it as well as an ice spell on the other block.

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With the door open, you will automatically get a marker for where you can find the map. Make your way through the dungeon to where the marker is. Be careful, some of the floors in the hideaway move. Use Arresto Momentum on the moving floors to prevent yourself from getting shuffled around the dungeon into areas you don’t want to go. You will find the map on a table further in the dungeon.

Solved by the Bell walkthrough in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you have the map, take a look at it and you will see that there are multiple music notes on it as well as the image of an island. This may seem cryptic, but the area is actually pretty easy to find. Head to the east to the Floo Flame fast travel marker for Clagmar Castle. Once there, you will need to deal with a lot of enemies and a boss so be prepared.

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After all the enemies have been defeated, search the area for a series of bells that are strung up in an alternating pattern. As shown on the map, these bells represent notes on a scale. To solve the puzzle, you must hit the bells with basic magic attacks in the correct order. Hit the bells in the order in the image below.

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When done correctly, the bells will play the Harry Potter theme song and a chest will appear. Open the chest to get an appearance option added to your collection and complete the quest.