How to complete the 100 Challenge in BitLife

A new challenge is ready for you to complete.

Image via Candywriters

There’s a new challenge available in BitLife called the 100 Challenge. You will have to complete several different steps and meet the requirements of several tasks. The difficult part of this challenge includes having 100 percent stats, and having an exact balance.

Here are the requirements of the challenge:

  • Be 100 years old
  • Have a bank balance of exactly $100
  • Have 100 percent Happiness
  • Have 100 percent Health
  • Have 100 percent Smarts
  • Have 100 percent Looks

Several of these requirements work well alongside each other. For example, to reach the old age of 100 years old, it truly helps for you to have incredibly high stats, primarily health. To reach 100 years old, you want to make sure your character is not engaging in dangerous activities, and keeping a low profile each year, mainly by taking regular walks, reading, meditating, and interacting with family members.

To reach 100 percent in all of the stats, there are a mixture of different things you can do to increase these stats. Many of these overlap, such as health and looks.

  • For Happiness, you can have a loving relationship with your spouse, children, and regularly go on walks, or purchase luxury items to make your life easier.
  • For Health, you need to regularly visit a doctor, eat healthily, go on walks, and visit the gym fairly often. You can modify your diet in the activities section to regularly follow a routine to assist you, especially at an older age.
  • For Smarts, you want to read books or visit the library. There’s not too much you can do for this stat, but if you do it early enough in your life you can keep it relatively high for most of your character’s lifetime.
  • For Looks, you need to visit the gym, go to a barber, or have a life-altering surgery early in your life to modify how you look.

The final requirement is to have exactly $100 in your bank. You’ll need to make sure you regularly spend money on items, and it might help to not have any noticeable income for your character. For example, if you receive money through a retirement fund, you might want to make sure you can keep this fairly low. Of all the requirements, this could be the toughest part to ensure you’re spending enough money on random things to keep it low, or have enough assets that require yearly maintenance.

After you reach these requirements, you will have finished the new 100 Challenge.