How to complete the Achilles Challenge in BitLife

He only had one weakness.

Achilles, a Greek hero who only had one weakness, fought in many battles and was a renowned warrior. In BitLife, you have a limited amount of time to complete the Achilles Challenge, where you’ll be put your brawn to the test and serve in the Greece military forces.

These are all of the tasks in the Achilles Challenge.

  • Be born a male in Greece
  • Join the Army
  • Serve in 3+ military deployments
  • Have 100% happiness, health, smarts, and looks
  • Join the wrestling team
  • Suffer from athlete’s foot (for iOS users)

The first task is a straightforward requirement where you’re going to need to have a male character born in Greece. You can do that right at the beginning by starting with someone new.

Once you’ve done that, the next step is to probably reroll them several times because you need your character to have 100% happiness, health, smarts, and looks. Of those requirements, looks is the hardest, and we’re going to recommend you start with a character who has an extremely high looks stat. After you’ve settled on a character with that, you need to manage those four stats throughout your life. Here are some ways to increase your character’s stats throughout their life.

  • Happiness: Spend time with loved ones, receive promotions, receive job promotions, work out, and buy luxury items
  • Health: Go to the doctor, eat healthy, work out, meditate, and take time to your focus on your character’s physical well-being
  • Smarts: Read books and visit the library
  • Looks: You have to be born with it to have an arguably high stat, but you can increase it through surgery or by going to the barber, and working out

During middle school, you want to make sure your character joins the wrestling team. They will need to have a high athleticism, which is another hidden stat that your character has to manage. You can increase it by being healthy and consistently working out, but even then, your character can have low athleticism. We recommend ensuring this stat is high when you’re in middle school. You can join the wrestling team by attempting to sign up for them as an extracurricular activity.

When your character turns 18, you need to apply to join the military. You’ll want to join the army, and from there, you’ll need to serve in three military deployments. When your character is deployed, they’ll have to serve in battle and survive a minesweeper-like game. You’ll have to do this at least three times.

If you’re an iOS user, then you’ll have the additional objective to suffer from athlete’s foot. This has a random chance of happening if you’re ever at the gym. It’s extremely random, and the only way to increase your chances is by having your character use this activity fairly often. Because it’s random, it can be a bit annoying to have trigger, but it happened to us for our character in their 30’s.

Following your third battle with your character, and if your starts all reach 100%, you should complete this challenge to receive a new cosmetic item for your account.