How to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

The worst of the worst.

Image via Candywriter

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The Bad Santa Challenge took the Bitizens by storm when it arrived, just in time for the festive season. If you have access to the Challenge Vault and want to relive the nostalgia it brought as the holidays roll around again, get ready to channel your inner naughty list. In this challenge, you become the ideal bad Santa.

How to qualify for the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

Here are all of the requirements needed to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife:

How to become Santa in BitLife

These requirements encourage you to be among the worst of the worst during the holiday season. The first requirement, being a male character, is straightforward during the character creation process.

Next, to become Santa, you’ll need to find a part-time job as a mall Santa. You can grab the job at almost any anytime after you’re significantly older. How old, you may wonder? Well, your character needs to live long enough to be at least 65 years old to land this sweet gig.

How to be depressed in BitLife

After you’ve laid out the basics, the challenging part comes in. Your character also needs to become depressed, which can take quite a bit of time. You might want to focus more on this objective, as it’ll be a bit more difficult to maintain.

Normally, you can have it happen to your character following a series of negative events, such as losing a loved one or a job or being rejected by multiple people to enter relationships. Barely try to succeed, and it won’t take long until something horrible happens to your character.

How to burgle and shoplift in BitLife

As your character ages up in the game, gradually do more acts of mischief to increase your chances of success with being a bad Santa. You need to burgle 10 homes and shoplift 10 items to complete this challenge, so your character needs to be good at being a “smooth criminal” to avoid getting caught.

Go to the Activities tab and choose to commit crimes to begin. From there, a raccoon icon lets you attempt to invade a home and steal what’s inside it. Further down the tab, there’s also an option to shoplift. Getting caught can be a hindrance to completing the challenge, so be careful!

How to tell a child that Santa is not real in BitLife

It’s crucial that you are careful with committing the crimes, as the final objective of this challenge gets harder if you’re stuck in jail. To tell a kid there’s no such thing as Santa, you just have to wait until the random scenario comes to get to do this.

There’s no surefire way to trigger this encounter, but if your character remains a free man as you age up in the game, the chances become higher. Patiently wait for this encounter and make sure to pick the option to tell them that Santa is not real.

When you finish all of the objectives, you receive a stamp to show you’ve completed the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife, and a new accessory for your account as a fun reward.