How to complete the Bad Santa Challenge in BitLife

The worst of the worst.

A new challenge has arrived in BitLife, a week before Christmas, and the challenge is appropriately themed. You’ll have to channel your inner naughty list and become the ideal bad Santa in the Bad Santa challenge. Here are all of the requirements.

All of these requirements encourage you to be among the worst of the worst during the holiday season. The first requirement, being a male character, is straightforward during the character creation process.

Next, to become Santa, you’ll need to find a part-time job as a mall Santa. You can grab the job at almost any anytime after you’re significantly older. You’ll need to wait until your character is at least 65 years old.

Now, you’ll have to become depressed, which can take quite a bit of time. You might want to focus on this objective as the final one, as it’ll be a bit more challenging to maintain. Normally, you can have it happen to your character following a series of negative events, such as losing a loved one, a job, or being rejected by multiple people to enter relationships. All you have to do is wait for something horrible to happen to your character, with the best outcomes surrounding losing loved ones.

When you’re ready to commit crimes, you’ll need to burgle 10 homes and shoplift 10 items. You can burgle homes by going down the activities tab and choosing to commit crimes. From there, you’ll see a raccoon icon, and you can attempt to invade a home and steal what’s inside it. On the same tab, further down, there’s the option to shoplift. These choices are in the same area, so you should be good to finish these objectives at any time.

The final option is to tell a kid there’s no such thing as Santa. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be careful about this because it requires your character to age up. It’s a random scenario that you encounter, so there’s no way to trigger it, other than hoping it appears throughout your character’s life. When it does appear, make sure to choose to tell them that Santa is not real.

Once you’ve finished all of the objectives, you’ll receive the stamp to show you’ve completed the challenge and a new accessory for your account.