How to complete The Belko Challenge in BitLife

Do you really like your co-workers?

Image via Candywriters

The next challenge is now available in BitLife for a few days. You want to be quick about finishing this one before it goes away. This week’s BitLife challenge is called The Belko Challenge. You’ll be working your way through the corporate ladder, and killing off a few employees at the same time.

Here are all of the tasks for the Belko Challenge.

  • Be born in Colombia
  • Get a corporate job
  • Get promoted to an executive position
  • Kill a co-worker
  • Kill a supervisor

The first task for the challenge is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is make sure your character is born in Colombia. They can be of any gender.

The next is to get a corporate job. There are several ways to do this. We recommend you study hard in high school and college to ensure your character has high smarts and looks. The looks stat is primarily a buffer to make sure people like you, but smarts is far more important. You want to go for a business degree while in college, too. After you graduate college, go to graduate school to get a business degree at one the higher education schools. Once you have that, it is far easier to apply for any of the corporate jobs that you can acquire.

With the corporate job under your belt, you need to work your way up that ladder by working hard each year. There’s nothing special about this process other than making sure you get along with your supervisor and keeping your smarts stat up throughout this time. You should reach an executive position after a decade or two.

Whenever you have the time, the last two tasks for the Belko Challenge have you attempting to kill a co-worker and a supervisor. You can do this at any time while at the corporate job, but if you get caught, you might go to jail. We recommend finding targets that you can eliminate using poison or make it look like an accident. It’s all chance-based, so it’s all about luck.

When you complete the challenge you’ll receive a random appearance item for your account.