How to complete the Bird of Prey Dubai Mission Story in Hitman 3

The moment to strike.

Hitman 3

The Bird of Prey mission can be found in Hitman 3’s opening area of Dubai. From the area where the speech is given, walk up the stairs to the right, then follow it around to overhear a man who doesn’t want to be frisked.

This is Zana “The Vulture” Kazem. After he is refused entry to where he wants to go, he will walk over and sit down in the garden. Walk around to the right of the garden and you will find a console on the wall. Interact with it to turn on some music, and lure Kazem over to you. Hide in the bushes, then stealth attack when he tries to turn off the music.

Drag his body into the bushes, and then change into his clothes. At this point, you want to drop any “illegal item” you are carrying that could be seen as dangerous. Approach the frisking zone that turned Kazem away and allow them to frisk you, then go upstairs and speak with Ms. To, Omar al-Ghazali’s assistant.

She will bring you to a meeting room to wait for Ingram. Sit down at the table and when he comes in, let him talk. He will ask you to put down a reporter for him, and you will need to accept the mission to get into his good graces.

Head back to where the speech was given and look for the reporter. He will stand out as he is quite poorly dressed for the occasion, wearing a cheap purple suit jacket. Speak with him and he will follow you, so you can lure him back to the garden area, use the music to distract anyone who is there, then knock out the reporter. You don’t need to kill him; you just need a picture of his unconscious body to please Ingram.

Now, return to the assistant and show her the picture, and she will lead you to Ingram’s penthouse, who will give you another job. You have some options here, and you can choose to try and kill Ingram, or you can wait for a better opportunity later when there are fewer guards around. If you want, you can kill Ingram here by pushing him onto the model of the oil rig that is in his office, earning the Treacherous Architecture Trophy.