How to complete the BitLife Birthday Challenge in BitLife

Happy birthday to BitLife.

Image via BitLife Twitter

The weekend has arrived, and it’s the first one in October. To kick things off, BitLife has a brand new challenge for players to complete called the BitLife Birthday Challenge, and it’s a great way to celebrate the mobile game’s birthday.

These are all of the tasks you need to complete for the BitLife Birthday Challenge.

  • Be born in the United States in September
  • Join the BitLife team
  • Post 10+ BitLife videos on YouTube
  • Buy your best friend Bitizenship

These tasks are a little more complicated and challenging to complete. For the first one, you’ll need to create your so that they’re born in the United States. However, we’re going to recommend you make sure that they’re born in Miami. This ties into the fact that they’ll need to join the BitLife team when they go for a job, but that can only work while in Miami. You’ll also notice that your character needs to be born in September, which is random chance unless you have god mode. You’ll be able to see this information when they’re initially born. If it’s not September, you’ll need to make a new character.

Once you roll the correct birthday for your character, you’ll need to join the BitLife Team. You can do this by working your way up to college and applying for a Computer Science degree. From there, you’ll need to apply for the Jr. App Developer position, but you need to make sure it was posted by the BitLife team. If it doesn’t say BitLife, don’t apply for it.

At some point, your character will need to create a YouTube page and post BitLife videos. When you have a YouTube account, you can make and post these videos at any time, so this can be the last step you do for the BitLife Birthday Challenge.

The final task you need to do is to buy your best friend, Bitizenship. You’ll need to increase friendship with a friend high enough to ask for you two to become best friends. Once that happens and you work for BitLife, you’ll be able to give them the gift of Bitizenship. You can only do this if you work for BitLife.

After completing all of those tasks, you’ll have finished the BitLife Birthday Challenge, and you’ll receive a random appearance item for your characters to wear. Here’s to three years of BitLife; thank you, Candywriter.