How to complete the Brute Force Triumph in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

Hacker jokes.

With Season of the Splicer underway, Guardians are busy putting the world in to get their Splicer titles. A range of different Triumphs need to be completed to get the season title. One of them has been a secret until recently, but has now been dragged out into the light of the Traveler.

The Brute Force Triumph requires players to “Defeat Champions in Expunge”. What this means is that you will need to play through the Expunge mode, killing 30 different Champions. Champions come in Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable varieties. You will need to use special mods from your Season Artifact to counter them and take them out.

This somewhat limits your loadout, but you should be able to put something good together that covers all the different eventualities.

As for which Expunge mission to run, Expunge: Tartarus is a great option, as it is reasonably short at about five minutes for most players with very little downtime and a few champions in it. As you learn the mission you will also shave some time off the completion, making it even faster to complete.

Remember, you will need to have these Triumphs wrapped up before the end of the season if you hope to get the Splicer title.