All Triumphs for the Splicer Title in Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

The new Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2 has introduced yet another title for Guardians to work towards, simply called Splicer. As always, there is a number of Triumphs that players will need to complete to get access to the title, and you can find them all below.

Keep in mind, some of these Triumphs take place in multiple steps, and will require a lot of work, even if they are quite simple. Make sure to check the Triumphs tab in-game, then click on the Splicer badge in the bottom right of the screen to check your progress across all the different Triumphs.

  • Walk the True Path – Complete all 8 Path of the Splicer quests
  • Power in Your Hands – Unlock all 21 Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades
  • Nocturne – Collect all 10 pages of the Beneath an Endless Night lorebook
  • Modded Out – Collect all 7 Season of the Splicer mods
  • Splicers’ Armament – Complete the quest “A Sacred Fusion”
  • Daybreak – Defeat the source of the Endless Night
  • Short Circuiter – Defeat combatants using Season of the Splicer weapons
  • Wire Cutter – Defeat Vex while wearing Season of the Splicer armor. Earn bonus progress for each armor piece equipped.
  • Virtual Fighter – Defeat Champions in Override
  • Brute Force – Defeat Champions in Expunge

Overall, it is not the worst title to try and go for, and step one of all the challenges is fairly simple, as listed above.