How to complete the Cookie Delivery Helper quest in Destiny 2

Everyone gets a cookie.

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The Cookie Delivery Helper quest in Destiny 2’s The Dawning event will have you going out of your way to complete multiple baked goods for several NPCs in the solar system. This is a part of The Dawning 2022 event, and you can expect to be on the lookout for multiple ingredients that you need to submit to your Holiday Oven for your favorite Destiny 2 NPCs. This guide covers how to complete the Cookie Delivery Helper quest in Destiny 2.

All Cookie Delivery Helper quest steps in Destiny 2

There are seven steps to this quest, each with several recipes you need to complete for many of the characters you can find in Destiny 2.

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Step 1

The first series of quest steps you need to do is complete a recipe for Telemetry Tapioca, Infinite Forest Cake, and Lavender Ribbon cookies. These will need to go to Banshee-44, Failsafe, and Saint-14.

Step 2

The primary ingredient for this set of recipes is going to be Ether Cane. The recipes you need to make will be Hot Crossfire Buns, Gentleman’s Shortbread, and Blueberry Crumblers. These will need to go to Ada-1, Devrim Kay, and Shaw Han.

Step 3

For the next set, you need to focus on using Cabal Oil and make Chocolate Ship Cookies, Traveler Donut Holes, and Vanilla Blades. These will go to Amanda Holliday, Ikora, and then Shaxx.

Step 4

The fourth step focuses on using Chitin Powder. Now, you will need to make Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Lucent Crunch, and Bright-Dusted Snowballs. You are going to give these to Eris, Fynch, and Tess.

Step 5

For the fifth step, we will focus on using Taken Butter. You will need to make Dark Chocolate Motes, Classic Butter cookies, and Strange Cookies, which will go to The Drifter, Eva, and Xur.

Step 6

This will be the final major step in this quest, and you will use Dark Ether Cane. With this ingredient, you can begin making Bittersweet Biscotti, Starwort Thins, and Ill-Fortune Cookies. These cookies will go to Crow, the Exo Stranger, and Petra.

Step 7

The final step in this quest will be to Masterwork your Holiday oven. By doing this, it will cost much less Essence of Dawning to make any cookies you want to continue giving to NPCs throughout the rest of the event.