How to complete the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife

Become the worst father ever.

Image via Candywriter

A new weekend has arrived, and in BitLife, that means there’s going to be a new challenge for players to try and finish up before time runs out. This week’s challenge is called the Deadbeat Dad Challenge, and you’ll become one of the worst dads in the world in this challenge, so we hope you’re prepared to make your children disappointed in you. In this guide, we’re going to detail how to complete each step of the Deadbeat Dad Challenge.

These are all of the tasks in the Deadbeat Dad Challenge.

  • Become a father
  • Never have a full-time job
  • Abandon 2+ children from different women
  • Gamble away a lot of money
  • Have your home repossessed
  • Reconnected with an estranged child

The first thing you want to make sure you can complete this challenge is to have your character be male. This is because they’re going to need to be male to be considered a father in BitLife, and we’re going to recommend you start with a brand new character.

Throughout the life of your character, you are never allowed to have a full-time job. You can do this by making sure never to accept any careers or anything with a progressive salary. Of course, you can choose to accept part-time jobs or even freelance work, but your character can never hold an actual job, or you will fail this challenge.

The next step of the challenge is to have two children from different women. You can do this by looking for a date and then choosing to be dating someone or sleeping with them. Regardless, with two different women, you need to have children. When you do, go into the relationships menu, and you’ll see the child you had with them. Click on the child, and there’s an option to abandon them, which means you will not be a part of their lives. However, you should expect to pay child support.

The next step of the challenge is to gamble away a lot of money. The best way to meet these requirements is to have your character gambling away money and purposefully losing constantly. If they’re winning, that’s great. It just means you have access to more money than you can throw away at casinos and eventually lose to them. You want to be losing more than you’re winning throughout your character’s lifetime. We don’t know the exact number you need to hit, but make sure to sit away at a casino whenever you have the chance and throw whatever money you have left from child support.

At some point in your life, you want to purchase a house. But don’t worry, you won’t have the home for long. Eventually, you’re going to want to have your home repossessed. This will happen to your character’s home when they take a loan out for the home, and they fail to pay the money to the bank. You can do this pretty quickly by accepting a loan from the bank and then failing to pay it. This only has to happen once. To do this quickly, get enough money to apply for a mortgage for a house that costs under $50,000 and then lose all that money. Once you hit the negative, your home will be repossessed.

The final thing to do is to reconnect with an estranged child. Even though you have abandoned your children, you can try to reconnect with them in the relationships menu. Reach out to them, give them gifts, and try to win them back over. Eventually, it should work, and they’ll accept you back into their lives, even if it is temporary.

Once you’ve done all of these things, you’ll have completed the challenge, and you’ll receive a new appearance item for your BitLife account to wear on any character.