How to complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife

A perfect father’s day.

Image via Candywriter

Another weekend has arrived, and a new challenge has come to BitLife. This week, players need to complete the Father’s Day Challenge. It’s the perfect time to celebrate fathers all around the world. Here’s are all of the tasks you need to complete to finish the challenge.

  • Go fishing with your father
  • Buy your father a truck
  • Father 3+ children
  • Buy each of your children a car
  • Have a perfect relationship with each of your children

The first task is to go fishing with your father. You can do this by spending time with your father, and it will be a random activity, so you’ll have to wait for it happen. There’s a lot of chance involved.

The second task is to buy your father a truck. All you have to do is purchase the truck, and then transfer ownership of the truck to your father. It’s a pretty quick task, but acquiring the money for the truck could take a little bit.

The next task is to father three children, which means you will have to be male to finish this challenge. You can father three children by marrying a female, or by sleeping around. Although, it’s probably better to marry and then share three children with your spouse.

Once you’ve done that, the last two tasks is to buy each of your children a car, and have a perfect relationship with them. This task is all about how many kids you have, so the more children you have with your wife beyond the three required, the more trucks and perfect relationships you have to maintain.

After all of those are finished, you will have completed the challenge. You’ll receive an appearance item for finishing it before the challenge timer runs out.