How to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife

Go forth and conquer the world.

Image via Candywriter

Have you wanted to conquer nearly everything in sight? Now you’ll have the chance to try it out for yourself with the new Genghist Khan Challenge in BitLife. Here are all of the requirements to complete it.

  • Live in Mongolia
  • Become a general in the army
  • Own 10+ horses
  • Father 10+ children
  • Murder 3+ people

The first requirement for the challenge shouldn’t be too difficult. All you have to do is choose a new life and start in Mongolia. From there, when you reach 18, you’ll need to purchase horses whenever you have the option to buy one each year, do so. The big problem is being able to afford the larger estates. You can only buy horses if you have the Charming Equestrian Property or the Unique Equestrian Property. These are the only locations that allow you to own a horse.

However, to make sure you become a general in the army, you want to sign up to join the military after you’ve earned a four-year college degree. There are typically no learning requirements to join the military, but the only way to become a general is to ensure you’ve been in college for four years, and you become an officer.

Now, along the way, you’ll also have to father at least 10 children. You can choose to do this with a wife or random people. You’re better off doing this with someone you have a relationship with because if you do it with random people, the children can come back to make the demands, as can the mother, and those can be costly investments.

The hardest part of this challenge will be to murder 3 people. You can do this by going to the committing crimes tab and attempt to murder someone random or someone you know. Because of how difficult and random these events can be, you’re better off having high health and knowing a martial art or two. Mostly, how murder works out boils down to random chance, so you’ll have to be careful when completing this challenge.

Once you’ve done all of those things, you’ll earn complete the Genghis Khan challenge and earn your badge for the week.