How to complete the Grasp of Avarice “Disarm the Mines” encounter in Destiny 2

Dismantle mines, yes?

Image via Bungie

Once you have defeated Phry’zhia the Insatiable in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, you might notice that your journey is far from over. Your next challenge will test something often forgotten about in the Destiny universe, your sparrow skills. While this is one of the easier encounters of the entire dungeon, you may still find yourself getting stuck or running out of time.

Open the doors

Screenshot by Gamepur

After venturing a little further into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, you will stumble upon a door with two levers in front of it. This place is where you will begin the encounter and race to the giant skull that lets you progress further. To begin, pull the lever on the left side of the door to open it and start the mines timers. Make sure to avoid the right lever as it is a trap and will instantly kill you when pulled. Be ready to immediately mount your sparrow and boost towards the first checkpoint, as any time lost might get you in trouble.

Hit those time bonuses

While the sparrow run may prove to be a bit hard, there is a way you can give yourself a little more time to make it to the end of the encounter. Throughout the path leading to the skull, you will see many small pads with red lights on the ground and on certain structures.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll need to ride near these lights to activate them, and upon activation, you will receive an extra couple of seconds to make your way to the next mine. Don’t worry too much about hitting every single bonus, as you will probably hit a few without even trying on your way to the end. Once you deactivate the final mine in the middle of the giant skull formation, you have completed the Disarm the Mines sparrow encounter.