How to complete the In Your Face! Feat in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

Show those gardeners some discipline, 47.


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The Hokkaido Snow Festival event in Hitman 3 has loads of new challenges for players to take on. These take the form of Assassinations and Feats, and one of those new Feats is In Your Face! To complete this Feat, you need to knock out the three gardeners in the facility’s garden in Hokkaido using snowballs. This guide explains how to do this so that you can move on to the tougher challenges.


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You don’t need anything specific for this route, and you can wear whichever suit you want. The only thing we recommend is starting the mission in the restaurant location because it’s the closest to the garden.

Gather your snowballs

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You need to get to the garden from your starting location and start picking up as many snowballs as you can. There are snow piles around the garden that you can interact with to get a snowball. You should aim to get the first one on the opposite side of the garden to the restaurant, where one gardener is working alone. Pick up a snowball and subdue them with it immediately.

Then, when you have at least two more snowballs, it’s time to subdue the other gardeners. Try to do this without any guards spotting you because they’ll make life extremely difficult when it comes to getting to an exit.

Once you’ve subdued all three gardeners with snowballs, you’ll have completed the Feat. However, you still need to complete the mission to exit successfully. The target will be walking around the garden early on in the mission, so you could use a snowball to subdue his guard and get an icicle from the bridge to kill him and complete another challenge from the Hokkaido Snow Festival.