How to complete the N-Icicle Assassin Assassination in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

Use a weapon that will melt away, 47.


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The Hokkaido Snow Festival event in Hitman 3 is packed with new challenges for players to complete. One of those is a new Assassination: N-Icicle Assassin. To complete it, you need to kill the target in the Hokkaido Snow Festival mission with an icicle. This guide explains how to complete this Assassination with a method that can also be used for a Silent Assassin run


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Since the mission restricts your loadout, there’s very little to choose from when starting the mission. However, we recommend starting at the restaurant location because it’s closest to where the target will begin be. You can wear any suit you like, including the Snow Festival Suit, if you’ve already completed this mission once. 

Step 1: Get an icicle in the garden

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First, you need to find an icicle with which to kill the target. Luckily, there are a few you can pick up from the bridge in the garden. This location is connected to the restaurant, and the target is already walking around it, so you don’t need to go far.

Step 2: Kill the target

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Your target will make their way up to the top of the garden area. Wait until they do so, then you can subdue their guard and kill them. If you’re hoping to also get a Silent Assassin rank for this mission, you should wait until the gardener on your left has walked down the slope and use a snowball from one of the snow piles in the garden to subdue the guard first. Then, dump the target’s body over the ledge to ensure no one finds it.

Whether you do this quietly or loudly, you only need to kill the target with an icicle to complete this Assassination. Once that’s done, get to an exit and complete the mission so that it registers on your profile and rewards you with some additional experience.