How to complete the Jumpman Zone quests in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Get all the shoes and open all the VIP rooms.

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In order to complete the Jumpman quest in the Jumpman Zone in Fortnite, you have to complete six sub-quests, each of which unlocks an MVP room (or VIP room), which in turn contain the trickshot challenges you need to complete in order to progress the main Jumpman quest.

How to complete Fishtopia in the Jumpman Zone

To complete Fishtopia, you have to catch eight Rift Fish and place them in the aquarium. First, get crafting materials from Toady (a short distance south west of your home fishing spot), then craft a fishing rod at the crafting station just to the south east of Toady. Now you’re ready to fish. We didn’t catch any Rift Fish in the home fishing spot, but we found plenty on the island south west of the home island. You need to be Level 3 to use that spot, so catch a bunch of fish at the home spot to level up fast. The aquarium is next to the home spot, and the Rift Fish tank is marked by a Nike Jordan logo.

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How to complete Deathrun X Jordan in the Jumpman Zone

As Fortnite deathrun’s go, this is a pretty easy one. It’s basically a simple platforming level and, while Fortnite clearly wasn’t designed to be played as a platformer, it’s still not that awkward. And even if you mess up, you’ll always respawn at the start of the section you died on.

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How to complete Rock Climbing Parkour in the Jumpman Zone

This is another platformer, albeit a more scenic one than Deathrun X Jordan. You only have to reach the top of Jordan Peak, the easiest of the three mountains, to earn the shoes, and you won’t need any extra equipment to do that. Eliminations are rewarded on this map though, so beware of other players trying to kill you.

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How to complete Color Dash x Jordan in the Jumpman Zone

In order to earn the shoes on this quest, you have to survive twenty colors. This could take a while, as you have to wait between rounds, and rounds can take a few minutes to complete. There’s no way to join a game in progress. You just have to wait until you’re automatically teleported onto the track when a new round starts. Actually surviving 20 colors is difficult too, as other players will deliberately ram you off the safe color, and it’s back to waiting all over again. The first color is the worst for ramming. After that, just be careful not to hit the bumpers at the corners of the squares. The good news is that you don’t have to survive 20 colors in one round, just 20 colors in total.

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How to complete Tiny Town in the Jumpman Zone

The shoes in Tiny Town are just in front of the start position, a little to the right. In order to get them, you have to earn 200 gold in Tiny Town. To earn gold fast in Tiny Town, go to the Animal Hospital, which is just east of the center of town. All you have to do here is check the screen outside each patient room to see what item type the patient is requesting, then fetch the item of that type corresponding to that patient from the storage room next to patient room A. Try to serve all three patients at once to earn gold faster.

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There’s another way to get gold fast, but it’s not effective if you’re on a busy server. Go to the yellow building next to the Post Office, jump onto the ledge outside the second floor, go inside, go through the door and turn right. This should teleport you to the admin control room, where you can activate the Block Party Gold event, which spawns gold for a few minutes at the Block Party building at the other end of town.

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How to complete Color Switch Rumble X Jordan in the Jumpman Zone

To complete Color Switch Rumble X Jordan you have to survive a total of five minutes on the color tiles. This mini-game works much like Color Dash, only you’re on foot. That is until you get eliminated, at which point you can use vehicles to attack the remaining players, which sure beats waiting around.

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