How to complete the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife

Rule everything.

Image via Candywriters

The weekend has arrived, and a new BitLife challenge has arrived for you to try and complete. Unfortunately, you’ll only have a few days to complete it before it goes away, so you’ll want to act fast. In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the tasks and what you need to do to complete the King to Kingpin Challenge in BitLife.

These are all tasks you need to work through to finish the King to Kingpin Challenge.

  • Become a King
  • Become exiled
  • Emigrate back to your home country
  • Join any organized crime syndicate
  • Make it to underboss

The first thing you’ll want to do is become a King in your country. There are only a handful of countries you can choose to be born in to become King. We recommend making a brand new character for this challenge and attempting to reroll that character until they’re born into royalty, which means consistently making a new character until this happens. Once they’re royalty, you’ll need to live and continue living with your family until your father passes away and you become King. It also helps make sure you don’t have any old siblings who can take this away from you.

We also recommend that you perform several crimes before you reach 18. These crimes can be stealing, hurting people, or even murdering them. You want to commit enough crimes to eventually accept a criminal organization. Stealing items from people and homes is your best bet.

The next step is to become exiled. You can do this by causing a lot of trouble as the King, such as executing citizens, causing problems in internal politics, or being a terrible person to your citizens. Eventually, as your Respect lowers, roughly around 30 percent, your citizens will be exiled and removed from the country.

After that, you can try and emigrate back to your home country. This can be a little tricky because you might encounter the authorities, which means you’ll have to deal with them and anyone who recognizes you as the King. You can emigrate to your country by going to the Activities tab and scrolling down to Emigrate, right underneath Doctor. You want to make sure you choose the country you previously ruled over.

When you return to your country, you’ll want to join any criminal organizations that operate there. You can do this by going to the Occupation tab, selecting Special Careers, and then Organized Crime. Hopefully, if you committed enough crimes when your character was younger, you’ll be able to join. However, if they don’t accept you, you can commit several crimes, preferably stealing, and one of the Organized Crimes should eventually accept you.

The last thing you need to do for this challenge is become the Underboss. Doing this will mean working within the organized crime family you were accepted to join by providing them money, working with them, and winning their trust. You don’t want to be too nice to them because they might think you’re a rat, but when they accept you into their inner circle, you’ll be able to do more, and if you outlast the current Underboss, the other members will elect you to their place. There’s a lot of dangers in joining an Organized Crime group, though.

Once you’ve done all of these tasks, you’ll have completed the King to Kingpin challenge, and you’ll receive a special appearance item for your BitLife avatar to wear.