How to complete the Lantern Lit challenge in Overwatch 2

Take a quick rest.

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Overwatch 2’s Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride seasonal event mode has quite a few challenges to complete. While you will probably look to just complete it on your first run, you can return and find little secrets and things for rewards. One of them is the Lantern Lit challenge which tasks you with crouching at a particular lantern with an enemy looming down on you. Here is how to do it.

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How to do the Lantern Lit challenge in Wrath of the Bride in Overwatch 2

To do the Lantern Lit challenge, all you need to do is crouch at a lit-up lantern that is sitting where the fiery sword is in the normal multiplayer version of Eichenwalde. When Ashe first breaks down the castle doors in Wrath of the Bride, you will be introduced to Sigma, who is designated as the Unstoppable Ghost. He will become fixated on one of you as you run through the castle. He can not be killed, so whoever he is chasing should kite him around so your teammates can find the lantern.

The lantern is located just in the room behind where Sigma appears. Crouch at it for six seconds, and you will get a message saying that you completed the challenge. Don’t sit here too long if Sigma is on you because you will take damage when within his purple forcefield.

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Unfortunately, this challenge does not reward you with any exciting cosmetics, but it does give you 1,000 experience points toward the battle pass. For that alone, this is worth doing if you are still grinding through trying to unlock various rewards. It is simple enough to do and can be completed on the easiest difficulty for some quick and easy progression.