How to complete The Lost Child in Hogwarts Legacy

The search for little Archie Bickle.

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The Lost Child is a relationship quest in Hogwarts Legacy in Natsai “Natty” Onai’s quest line. The quest sees you and Natty searching for the titular lost child, Archie Bickle, whose father had evidence against all-around bad guy Harlow, but was recently killed under suspicious circumstances. Here’s how to find and complete the quest.

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How to start The Lost Child

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Soon after you complete The High Keep main story quest, you’ll get an owl from Natty asking you to meet her in Lower Hogsfield. Go there during the day and talk to Natty, then talk to Johanna Bickle, who is standing nearby.

How to find Archie’s satchel

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Follow the quest track to Archie’s hideout in the woods to the south. When you get to the hideout, wait for Natty to stop talking, then cast Revelio to reveal Archie’s footprints leading south. Follow the trail (follow Natty if you lose the trail) until you reach a clearing patrolled by Dark Mongrel wolves. Defeat the Dark Mongrels, then find Archie’s satchel hanging on a tree on the south side of the clearing.

How to follow the trail

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Investigate Archie’s satchel, then cast Revelio again to reveal more footsteps leading southwest. Continue following the trail until you reach a fork in the road at a Floo Flame, then cast Revelio again to discover not one, but two sets of footprints leading along the road to the left. The trail eventually leads to an Ashwinder Camp, so either sneak or fight your way into the Ashwinder’s charmed tent on the far side.

How to defeat Catrin Haggarty

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Cast Disillusionment and sneak into the tent, taking out the Ashwinder Scout and the Ashwinder Assassin with Petrificus Totalus. After those two, you’ll come to Catrin Haggarty and more Ashwinder Scouts. Try to take out all of these enemies using Petrificus Totalus without being spotted, but don’t worry if you are spotted, as you can always take them on in a stand-up fight and get some Dueling Feats into the bargain.

How to find Archie Bickle

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Go down the stairs on the west side of this boss fight area, and find Archie Bickle in a locked cage. Use Alohomara to pick the lock, then talk to Archie to be magically transported back to Lower Hogsfield. Speak to Mrs. Bickle to complete The Lost Child quest.