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All infamous foes locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Get ready for these encounters.

Hogwarts Legacy lets you explore the wizarding world and make a name for yourself in the Hogwarts School Witchcraft and Wizardry. The game has a massive world that is filled with all kinds of activities for players to dive into. It is also packed with all kinds of enemies they might tackle, and that includes the Infamous Foes. The Infamous Foes are really strong and deadly enemies you can meet while on your magical journey. Defeating them will give you some valuable loot as well as help in upgrading your character. Here is how you can find every Infamous Foe in the game.

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How to find every Infamous Foe in Hogwarts Legacy

There are 21 Infamous Foes in the game. Some can be found only in side quests while others you can stumble upon in the open world.

Infamous FoeLocation
Rampant DugbogSouth of the East North Ford Bog Foo Flame in Hogsmeade Valley, inside a cave
Tempeste ThorneEast of Farlbalton Castle in Hogsmeade Valley
Gwendolyn ZhouIn the Hogs Head Pub in Hogsmeade during the side quest ‘A Basis for Blackmail’
PergritIn the Korrow Ruins in North Hogwarts during the side quest ‘The Tale of Rowland Oakes
The Insatiable SpiderIn Aranshire in North Hogwarts during the side quest ‘Tangled Web’
Belgruff the BludgeonerInside the Rookwood Castle in Feldcroft
Catrin HaggartyIn a small bandit camp in Feldcroft during the side quest ‘The Lost Child’
The GrimSouth of the West Hogwarts Floo Flame, in a cave that has an entrance covered by shrubbery
The White WolfSame location as The Grim. South of the West Hogwarts Floo Flame, in a cave that has an entrance covered by shrubbery
Quagmire TrollNortheast of the Northern South Sea Bog Foo Flame
The Riparian TrollIn the Dale Family Tomb in Hogwarts Valley during the side quest ‘Beeting a Curse
Ogbert the OddIn a cave in the Coastal caverns, northeast of the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame in Poidsear Coast
Iona MorganIn Posidear Castle in Poisdear Coast
GrodbikIn the coastal mine at Marunweem Lake during the quest ‘Lodgok’s Loyalty’
Ailsa TraversNortheast of West Manor Cape
Lord of the ManorNortheast of West Manor Cape
Dunstan TrinityIn Henrietta’s Hideaway in West Manor Keep
Alexandra’s TrollSouth of Brocburrow in Hogwarts Valley during the side quest ‘Troll Control
The AbsconderIn the Forbidden Forest during the side quest ‘Absconder Encounter
Bardolph Beaumont’s CorpseIn Hogsmeade Valley during the side quest ‘Brothers Keeper
Silvanus SelwynInside Clagmar Castle in Clagmar Coast

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