How to complete the Manic Mother Challenge in BitLife

Things are getting a little crazy.

Image via Candywriters

It’s a new week, and there’s a brand new challenge for BitLife players to try and complete before time runs out. For this week, players will be putting their mothering skills to the test, with a little bit of insanity sprinkled in for good measure in the Manic Mother challenge. In this guide, we’re going to break down how to complete the Manic Mother Challenge.

These are all of the tasks in the challenge.

  • Have 10+ baby daddies
  • Insult each of your children
  • Abandon each of your children
  • Marry a man with 2+ children
  • Insult each of your stepchildren

The character you want to use for this challenge will need to be a female, so keep that in mind before embarking on this challenge. You can also complete these tasks in any order you want to, which should make it a bit easier than some of the other challenges.

The first task is to have 10 or more baby daddies with other NPCs. You can do this by having unprotected sex with a male character while out on a date. Once you’re finished with the date, and you have the kid, make sure to insult and abandon every child you have with the baby daddies, which are tasks two and three. You can abandon a child by click on their profile and picking to abandon them. However, make sure to do that after you’ve insulted them, or you will not be able to complete the challenge. They have to reach a certain age to insult them.

Once you’ve completed that with enough children, the next step for you is to marry a man with two or more children. You can figure that out by dating an individual, clicking on their profile when you’re dating, and see if they have any children. Of course, this is all about RNG, so it might take you a bit to find and fall in love with a man that fits this description.

The final thing you need to do when you’re married to this man is to insult all of your stepchildren. It’s the same process as insulting any of your regular children in the character profile menu.

Once you’ve completed all of that, you’re good to go, and you will have completed the Manic Mother challenge. In addition, you will receive a random appearance item on your account.