How to complete The Mysterious Qi quest in Stardew Valley

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Despite being a relaxing farming simulator, Stardew Valley has plenty of external goals and quests for the player to do at their leisure. Some quests involve giving NPCs fruit or veggies, whereas others are cryptic and only give you small clues on how to complete them. One challenging quest is The Mysterious Qi, a long-winded journey that will eventually give the player access to Calico Casino.

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Stardew Valley – The Mysterious Qi quest part one

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You may have received a letter from Mr. Qi asking if you’ve found his secret in the dark tunnel yet. If not, that’s okay; you can still start the quest without it. The first thing you need to do is to bring a battery to the box in the bus tunnel. You can acquire batteries from lightning rods after they are struck by lightning or from the traveling cart on certain days for a fee. Head left of the bus terminal and into the dark tunnel. Along the top wall is a box. Simply place the battery inside, and you’ve completed the first part of the quests.

Stardew Valley – The Mysterious Qi quest part two

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You will get a note once you’ve put the battery in, instructing you to put a rainbow shell in the box on the train platform. The train platform is in the area above Robin’s house in the mountains. Rainbow shells can be found on the beach in summer and, like batteries, can also be bought in the traveling cart. The box you need to place the rainbow shell in is the only one on the train platform. The second part of the quest is now done.

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Stardew Valley – The Mysterious Qi quest part three

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The next part will be simple if you’re a bit further in the game and have unlocked the bus stop and the greenhouse. Mr. Qi wants you to place ten beets in Mayor Lewis’ fridge. Beet seeds are bought from the vendor in the Oasis shop in the Calico Dessert and can only grow outside in the Fall. If you have a greenhouse, though, you can grow them regardless of the season. They take six days to produce, so ensure you get ten seeds for this part of the quest. Place the beets in Mayor Lewis’ fridge within his house, and you’ve completed the third part of the quest.

Stardew Valley – The Mysterious Qi quest part four

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The following note given to you isn’t as straightforward and says, “give the sand dragon his final meal.” If you’ve ever interacted with the dragon bones in Calico Dessert, you may have figured this riddle out. Doing so will reveal the phrase “its maw gapes at the desert sun. Even in death, it yearns for a taste.” You need to put a solar essence in the dragon’s mouth. Solar essence can be found after defeating mobs such as ghosts and metal heads in the mine on floors 51 and below.

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After feeding the dragon, the last thing you must do is go home and inspect the wood pile attached to your farmhouse. Doing so will give you the Club Card, giving you access to the Oasis Casino by allowing you past the bouncer.

The Casino has games like slots and blackjack, where you can win tokens to exchange for valuable prizes. Mr. Qi, the one who gave you this quest, is the owner of this Casino. He cannot be befriended or married, but now you can gamble until your heart is content.