How to complete the Natives of the Desert quest in Tower of Fantasy

A great chance to learn about some of Vera’s fascinating beasts.

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You will come across many side quests in Tower of Fantasy, and Mirroria city has some of the best quests you can complete. One such quest that is not only enjoyable but needed to get a 100% completion rate for the story is Natives of the Desert. You need to help the archivist gather more data about the fascinating creatures of Vera. Although the quest is easy, finding its location might be challenging. Here is how to find and complete the Natives of the Desert side quest in Tower of Fantasy.

Natives of the Desert side quest location in Tower of Fantasy

You can find the quest inside Mirroria Archive in Asset Management Centre, Mirroria. The girl standing at the reception on the left side of the main entrance gives the quest. Head over to her and start talking; accept the quest to get started.

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Natives of the Desert side quest walkthrough in Tower of Fantasy

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When the quest starts, you will get your first objective: locate the Shielded Beast. You can find the beast in Old Mirroria City Grounds in the Sandstorm Ground, Vera. Once you go to the objective marker, you will see a few of the beasts. Set up the device on the ground and then take a sample material from the beat. Shielded Beast is not hostile, so you don’t need to fear getting attacked.

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After that, you will need to find the Gooseneck Beast. It’s located northeast of the first location, near the Slater Canyon in the Rock Pillar Goboy, Vera. You can ride your vehicle and head straight there. Install the device again when you reach the location and start running away from the beasts. Once you are far enough, head to the Mirroria Archives to report to the archivist.

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Now, you need to look for the Saber-Toothed Wolves, which are hostile, unlike the two earlier. You can find them near the Magma Lair in Rock Pillar Goby, Vera. When you reach the location, you must track the footprints and reach the wolves. Once you find them, defeat them along with the Horror Beast. Lastly, head back to the receptionist to complete the quest.