How to solve Vera’s Sandy Rats Homecoming puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s help the poor rat find its way home.

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The Vera map in Tower of Fantasy has many mysteries and puzzles, which reward you if you successfully solve them. As you explore your way into this dangerously fascinating map, you will come across many unknown things. One such unknowingly puzzling activity is the Sandy Rats’ homes. Usually, you will find the rat or its home, and it might look confusing as to what to do with it. Solving the mystery can take some patience, but the reward is well worth it. Here is how to solve Vera’s Sandy Rats Homecoming puzzle in Tower of Fantasy.

What is Sandy Rats Homecoming?

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Sandy Rats Homecoming is a puzzle activity found on the Vera map. It has two parts: the rat and its house. You need to lead the rat to its house to solve the puzzle. If you find its house, look for the rat and lead it to its house. But if you find the rat first, you must find its house and lead it there. If you have come across the puzzle and don’t know how to solve it, here is how to do it.

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How to solve the Sandy Rats Homecoming puzzle

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If you read about the puzzle in the game’s database, it tips you on how to solve it. It tells you that the rats always leave behind small flowers when leaving their home, but they still forget their way back. You can use that information and try to find the trail of flowers. No matter which one of the two you find, you can follow the flowers to find the other, and when you stand near the rat, he will start following you. After that, keep following the flowers and take the rat back home. You will get a black or golden nucleus when he returns home.