How to complete the Nezarec Encounter in Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid

The final god of pain in Destiny 2.

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The final battle in Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares raid features Nezarec, the final god of pain. This encounter features multiple mechanics that you’ve been using throughout the other battles in the raid, and it requires a good amount of discussion to ensure you and your team can clear this part of the raid. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Nezarec Encounter in Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares raid.

How to beat Nezarec in Root of Nightmares for Destiny 2

For a final encounter, there are specific steps you need to take for Nezarec to enter his DPS phase. It requires you to fill up the Light and Dark orbs on either side of the arena and reach the end. Similar to the previous encounters, you need to shoot the respective orb to receive a buff, then go to the next orb in that phase to shoot and activate it, returning to the starting position to receive the buff again. The bubble surrounding the orb may move around, going closer to you as you get close to the end, but the placement remains the same. Once both sides have been completed, Nezarec enters his damage phase.

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However, while this is happening, Nezarec will be throwing down multiple scythe-based attacks, attempting to damage your team during the encounter, while an army of Cabal enters the arena also in an attempt to fight against you. While two members of your team can be running the orbs, the rest of the team is on enemy clear, and they’re going to be attempting to clear out the arena.

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Simultaneously, Nezarec will work as a Tormentor, attempting to target your allies throughout the encounter. You want someone to damage the shoulder weakness points, and his chest. You’ll be doing this to ensure he does not wipe your team if you cannot complete the orb clear in time, which lasts 60 seconds. There will be a distinct glow that Nezarec has from these shoulder points, indicating what type of wipe attack he’s going to use.

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Your team will need a distinct buff to help protect themselves, which requires them to have the Dark orb buff, then shoot the Light orb or vice versa. The buffs are named Light Refuge and Dark Refuge, and you need the Light Refuge buff if Nezarec’s shoulders glow blue or the Dark Refuge buff if Nezarec’s shoulders glow orange.

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When the Nezarec enters the damage phase, make sure you make your way over to the Light orb side and stand on the third platform — the one closer to the middle. This is the best platform with a relatively open side for you to attack Nezarec, and he can’t harm your party during the damage phase. Keep attacking him until he’s finished, and then you’ll need to rinse and repeat his section until Nezarec’s health reaches the Final Stand.

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There’s not too much special with Nezarec’s Final Stand. The only thing you need to do is make sure you and your team have enough ammunition and power to defeat him during this phase before he wipes your team.