How to complete the O Challenge in BitLife

Do you have what it takes to complete the O Challenge?

The weekend has arrived, and with it, a new BitLife challenge for you to work through to earn a cosmetic item for your profile. There are several tasks you’ll need to complete to finish this Challenge. For this week, you’ll be working on the O Challenge. In this guide, we will cover all tasks to complete the O Challenge in BitLife.

How to do all O Challenge tasks

These are all tasks you’ll need to do to finish the O Challenge.

  • Be born a female in Mississippi
  • Major in journalism while on a scholarship
  • Become a famous report
  • Give away 10+ cars and 5+ houses
  • Write a best-selling book

The first task for this Challenge will be straightforward. You have to start a new character, have them start as a female, and then select to be born in Mississippi. You can do this when you start the game. You will need to scroll down to select any of these cities.

  • Biloxi
  • Charleston

After you’ve done that, you’ll need to work on your character’s Smarts stat and keep it as high as possible as they progress through middle school and high school. You want to make sure you keep their grades high and actively participate in their academics. Once they’re ready to go to college, you can try to apply for a scholarship. If you’ve been working on keeping high grades and working hard at school, a scholarship should be available when you apply for college. While in college, make sure to major in journalism.

Once your character has graduated, you need to become a reporter. You can do this by looking for the Jr. Reporter position available when seeking a full-time job. There’s a chance it won’t be available, which means you’ll need to choose to Age Up, or you can close down the application and start it up again for a fresh list of jobs. Work your way up the Jr. Reporter position to a full-time reporter, and eventually, you’ll become a famous Reporter by working on high-profile jobs.

Next, you’ll need to purchase 10 cars and five houses and give them away to people. You can give them away to people by selecting anyone in your character’s direct Relationship tab and offer it to them as a gift. They can be a friend, best friend, or a family member. You’ll need quite a bit of money to make this happen. However, these items do not need to be expensive. You can give characters the cheapest options.

The final thing you’ll need to do is write a book. You’ll have the option to do this as a writer and a reporter.

After completing all of these tasks, you’ll have completed the O Challenge. You can now receive a random appearance item on your avatar whenever you’re playing on that profile.