How to complete the Operation Paper Trail – Asset Seizure mission in GTA Online

Steal the van and collect the information.

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You’ve helped extract Agent Johnson and got her to the hospital. Thanks to Agent Johnson, you have a partial lock on where the van containing the hardware might be. It’s too bad that they have a signal jammer set up to confuse your systems. Decrease the search area by taking out all of the signal jammers and get away with the van. Here’s what you need to do in Asset Seizure for Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online.

Search the area for the van

When you start the mission up, you will be told about the signal jammer and that you have a few approximate locations for the van containing the hardware. There are five locations for you to visit that all have signal jammers.

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Like other missions where you need to deal with signal jammers, the van is hidden within a massive search area. Each time you destroy a signal jammer, the search area will decrease in size. The signal jammers look like small army green boxes with antennas. Shoot them to make them explode.

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Once all of the signal jammers are destroyed, the exact location of the van will be revealed. Each of the jammers is being guarded by multiple enemies. If you have friends with you, now is a good time to split up and to make taking out the jammers easier.

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Get the van

Once the location of the van has been revealed, you will need to track it down and steal it. Pay attention to the mini-map or have a friend keep a lookout for you as you make your way to the van. Take out the driver and steal the van.

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Now that you have the van in your possession, you will be tasked with dropping it off in the north to the east of Fort Zancudo. Watch out for enemies on the way to the drop-off location. The van has a health bar and if it gets destroyed, you will fail the mission. Luckily, the enemies are pretty easy to avoid. Once you drop the van off, the mission will be complete.